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This year’s Love Your Lenses week is already a great success. The week, in its second year following its success last year, is running between 24-30 March, involving optical professionals, business and patients.
The campaign was first launched in response to research showing that many contact lens wearers were unaware of, and/or not complying with, good practice in looking after their contact lenses.
The aim is to help patients understand what good contact lens care looks like. We know that the risks involved in contact lens wear are relatively low, but what risks do exist are generally related to poor habits - such as allowing contact lenses to come into contact with water.
The campaign this year is focusing on the importance of thoroughly washing and drying hands before touching contact lenses. With the key message of the campaign being ‘Wash hands and dry before touching your eye’.
It’s been great to have practitioners and businesses from across the sector involved in the week. To help you engage with the week we have put a campaign toolkit together. The toolkit includes advice for contact lens users, graphics that can be shared on social media, ideas for activities in practices, posters and much more to help everyone get involved in the week.
The campaign website is at where practitioners and organisations can sign up to get involved in the week, and download the campaign toolkit.
You can also follow the campaign on social media: loveyourlensesUK for Facebook and @yourlenses for Twitter.

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