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Business Standards Consultation

It is important that our individual and business standards sit in close harmony with each other. That’s why having introduced new standards for individuals 2016 we will shortly be going out to public consultation with our draft Standards for Optical Businesses. 
These Standards will make clear our expectations of optical businesses, where responsibility lies and the role that businesses should play in supporting individual registrants. They have been separated into three sections for ease of reading and provide more detail than the existing Code, with information provided below each individual standard on how it might be met. 
Readers may wish to note that whilst, at present, not every optical business is compelled to register, we are pursuing legislative change to require all those businesses undertaking restricted functions to be registered with us. 
This, we consider, will go a long way towards ensuring consistency of the standards of care and services provided. In the meantime, we are encouraging optical businesses to get ahead of the game and register with us.
If you’d like to provide your views on the draft Standards¸ you will be able to contribute to the consultation from late April – keep an eye on our website and Twitter account for links to do so!
Alternatively, if you have any questions about the consultation process or about the business standards more generally, you can contact our Standards Manager, Natalie Heppenstall, on

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