Big Blind Walk
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Big Blind Walk

Julian Jackson, who lost his sight in 2010 to a retinal inherited disease is planning to walk the length of the country. His 1,000 mile journey will begin in Land’s End in Cornwall and end in John O’Groats in Scotland, the route being the longest distance between two inhabited British points on the mainland.
His journey will begin on Sunday 29 April and finalise on Friday 22 June, averaging just over 20 miles each day. Starting training in December last year, Julian has been practicing on different terrains and environments to ensure his is ready for all the route can throw at him.
Julian will be joined along the route by friends, family, members of the public and eye care professionals. While completing the mammoth task Julian will be visiting eye clinics, eye hospitals and community centres along the route, sharing experiences with patients and practitioners and promoting the wonders of eye research.
Through his walk he hopes to Raise awareness and understanding of sight loss amongst diverse, sighted communities currently unknown and untouched by the voluntary sector and drive vision and eye health up the public health agenda.
Money raised from the walk will be divided 75% to National Eye Research Centre and 25% to VisionBridge, who aim to promote eye research and raise awareness of sight loss.
Speaking about his expedition Julian said “In the face of so much scientific progress, the usual barriers to maintaining a chosen livelihood, mobility, independence and emotional well-being as well as enjoying travel and leisure activities will continue to dissipate. We need to get out there and give eye research a profile that is noticeable, create an image that is recognisable, speak in a language that is understandable and build a context that is inspirational!”
Julian is inviting anyone to accompany him for any part of the walk or make a donation, more information can be found here


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Big Blind Walk

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