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GOC invites views on CET

An online survey launched today will allow registrants and other stakeholders to give their views on the future of the Continuing Education and Training (CET) scheme - news - 12 Dec 2007

New arrangements for entry to the pre-registration period

The GOC has confirmed the new arrangements for entry to the optometry pre-registration period to replace the Professional Qualifying Examinations Part 1 (PQE1) - news - 12 Dec 2007

Optical consumer complaints contract goes to OCCS

The General Optical Council (GOC) has today awarded the contract for a consumer complaints mediation service to the Optical Consumer Complaints Service (OCCS) - press release - 23 November 2007

Members debate White Paper changes

At its November meeting of Council, members debated proposals for implementing some of the recommendations outlined in the Government White Paper on healthcare regulation - news - 22 November 2007

Therapeutic prescribing - Registration Rule changes

This summer the Department of Health announced that optometrists will be able to train to prescribe medicines independently - news - 22 November 2007

No increase to registration fees for 2008/9

There will be no increase to the GOC full registration fee for 2008/9 - news - 22 November 2007

Council approve Equality and Diversity Scheme

Members have approved the Council's Equality and Diversity scheme - news -22 November 2007

CET - 2010 and beyond

Next month the GOC is set to launch a CET consultation to consider ideas for changes to the next CET cycle - news- 22 November 2007

Council bids farewell to long-standing members

Council bid a formal farewell to three long-standing members - news - 22 November 2007

European Directive - temporary and occasional registration

On 20 October 2007, new EU legislation came into force designed to make it easier for qualified professionals to move around Europe - news - 22 November 2007

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