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Also noted at March Council

Items noted by members at the March meeting of Council include the financial budget for 2008/9 - news - 13 March 2008

Optical regulator in Belfast to drive forward healthcare reforms

On 13 March, the General Optical Council (GOC) will convene in Belfast for the first time - press release - 10 March 2008

GOC Chief Executive announces retirement

Peter Coe today announced that he will retire from his post as Chief Executive and Registrar of the General Optical Council (GOC) at the end of July 2008 as he reaches his sixtieth birthday - press release - 10 March 2008

World Conference on Optometric Globalisation: 11-13 April 08

The second World Conference on Optometric Globalisation (WCOG2) takes place 11-13 April - news - 5 March 2008

'Check your retention form to avoid delays', urges GOC

The General Optical Council (GOC) is stressing that all full and business registrants must ensure their retention applications are completed correctly, if they are to avoid missing the 15 March deadline - press release - 3 March 2008

World Glaucoma Day 6 March 2008

The first ever World Glaucoma Day takes place on 6 March 2008 - news - 29 February 2008

GOC welcomes proposals for healthcare regulation reforms

The General Optical Council (GOC) has welcomed the Department of Health's proposed changes to legislation concerning healthcare regulation - news - 22 February 2008

Retention deadline 15 March

With only six weeks left until the 15 March retention deadline, just 38 per cent of registrants have applied for retention - news 5 February 2008

Rumney to chair Standards Committee

The GOC Standards Committee opened the first meeting of the year by electing Nick Rumney as their new chairman - news - 25 Jan 2008

CHRE publishes guidance on sexual boundaries

Healthcare professionals should take care not to stray into unacceptable sexual behaviour with patients and professional regulators should offer clear guidance and support, the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence said today - news - 10 Jan 2008

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