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News from Council 25 April 2012

27 Apr 2012

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Cost-benefit analysis of enhanced CET

Council received a draft independent report conducted by Europe Economics which concluded that the GOC’s enhanced CET scheme is fit for purpose. Enhanced CET will come into effect in January 2013.

The report noted that:

  • the requirement to undertake peer review and more interactive CET will address risk concerns identified around isolated practice;
  • the expectation to complete at least six points per year will address risks that practitioners have long periods of no learning;
  • the removal of the automatic shortfall period will remove registrants who have not met the requirements at an earlier opportunity; and
  • the requirement to conduct CET across all competencies will help to address risks around glaucoma and retinal detachment

The report also noted that the costs of establishing a Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) would not be justified. Council agreed with the executive’s recommendation not to introduce a six-yearly CSA on this basis.

The independent report was funded by the Department of Health, as part of its grant to the GOC to help establish a revalidation scheme. We interpret revalidation to mean that we need to have a suitable mechanism in place to assure the public that our registrants remain fit to practise. By implementing our changes to CET, we believe that CET will be a proportionate mechanism to ensure our registrants have the necessary skills, experience and knowledge to remain fit to practise.

Business plan and key performance indicators

Council signed off the GOC’s business plan and discussed the associated Key Performance Indicators.

This is the second year in the GOC’s current three year strategic plan. The business plan for this year builds on the strategies and actions taken so far towards achieving our corporate vision of leading the way in regulation – that is, to protect the public through regulating the optical profession in a manner that is exemplary and innovative.

The business plan sets out the key strategies we are following to achieve our strategic vision, and the main workstreams, projects and working practices we will deploy for each strategic aim.

Chief executive and registrar Samantha Peters drew particular attention to six projects:

  • the IT integration project
  • the potential relocation of the GOC’s offices
  • the implementation of the new Fitness to Practise Rules
  • the introduction of enhanced CET in January 2013
  • the development of a criminal prosecutions strategy
  • the undertaking of an end-to-end review of our complaints process

Mandie Lavin

Chair Anna Bradley formally welcomed Mandie Lavin to the GOC. Mandie, who was already in post as GOC interim director of regulation, was appointed permanently to the post on 17 April.

Next meeting – Thursday 28 June 2012 at 10.30, 41 Harley Street, London, W1G 8DJ

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