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GOC erases Conwy County based dispensing optician

8 Jun 2018

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The General Optical Council (GOC), the UK regulator for optometrists and dispensing opticians, has decided to erase Ian Williams, a dispensing optician based in Conwy County, Wales, from its register. He will now be unable to practise as a dispensing optician in the UK.

A GOC Fitness to Practise Committee found his fitness to practise impaired by reason of misconduct, relating to encouraging customers to make claims on an insurance policy by confirming that their glasses were broken when they were not, ordering glasses for himself without paying, and dispensing contact lenses to children that did not have a prescription.

In making the decision, the Committee, chaired by James Kellock, said:

 “The Committee...considered that Mr Williams had deliberately acted dishonestly on more than one occasion in the workplace. It further considered that Mr Williams’ acts amounted to a pattern of behaviour and had breached fundamental tenets of the profession and brought the profession into disrepute. Regarding insight, the Committee...determined that he has failed to show any insight into his dishonest behaviour. He had expressed no remorse for his actions in general...or demonstrated any understanding of the nature of his dishonest conduct or the potential consequences.

“A finding of current impairment on public protection grounds is necessary, given the absence of any remediation and given that the Committee has found there is a risk of repetition of allegations 1-4. The Committee was in no doubt that…given the seriousness of the misconduct identified, including dishonesty...public confidence in the profession would be seriously damaged if a finding of current impairment was not made.

“The Committee determined that the behaviour found proved was fundamentally incompatible with being a registered professional. There were serious departures from the standards expected of Mr Williams. He abused a position of trust and encouraged others to be dishonest. The Committee determined that his dishonesty was at the higher end of the scale. There was a persistent lack of insight. In these circumstances the Committee directed that his name should be erased from the register.”

Mr Williams has until 28 June 2018 to appeal his erasure, during which time he is suspended from the register under an immediate suspension order.




1. The full determination is available at

2. A full transcript of the hearing is available on request and payment of an administration charge.

3. A briefing on how the FTP process works is available at:

4. The registrant’s date of most recent registration with the GOC as a dispensing optician was 13 December 2004. His GOC registration number is D-11045. His last registered contact address was in Llandudno, Wales.


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