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8 Feb 2010

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All full GOC registrants have just five weeks left until the 15 March retention deadline. To date, 6,503 registrants have returned their application for retention. This leaves 13,253 applications – 67 per cent – still outstanding.

The GOC is also reminding optometrists, dispensing opticians and registered businesses to log onto the new Registrants area to keep track of their renewal application. This is the first time that practitioners have been able to track their retention application online. The new functionality enables registrants to check the status of their application, and to download a pre-filled form, retention receipt, and confirmation for their employer.

Dian Taylor, chief executive and registrar highlighted the importance of GOC registration for all optometrists and dispensing opticians: “I urge registrants to act now and complete the application process to avoid the problems and penalties that come with failing to meet the retention deadlines.

She added, “Practitioners can also now benefit from the new Registrants area of our website, which should make the retention process more straight forward and give practitioners confidence when they have successfully renewed. We are continuing to develop further online retention options for 2011-12.”

Registrants with a ‘shortfall’ of Continuing Education and Training (CET) points must make up the deficit by 15 March. A total of 754 registrants failed to meet the CET requirement by the end of the first cycle on 31 December 2009. However, over 205 have since made up their shortfall.

Practitioners without the required number of CET points will not be eligible to renew their registration until they have made up their points shortfall. Those who fail to earn sufficient CET by 15 March will be removed from the Opticians Registers from 1 April.

Registrants who have not renewed their registration by 15 March will have to pay a £20 late penalty on top of the usual retention fee. The fee for optometrists is £325 and £280 for dispensing opticians. Practitioners who have not renewed by 31 March will be removed from the registers from 1 April. A list of those removed will be published on the GOC website, and copies sent to primary care organisations.

Anyone who has not received their retention forms should contact the GOC registration team on 020 7580 3898 (option 1), or email Retention application forms can also be downloaded by logging into the Registrants area


For media enquiries please contact:
Clare March
Communications Manager
General Optical Council
t: 020 7307 3473

1. Optometrists and dispensing opticians who are practising in the UK are legally required to be registered with the GOC.

2. Registrants who do not return their completed form and payment by 15 March 2010 deadline, risk being removed from the registers from 1 April 2010.

3. If a retention application reaches the GOC after 15 March without the late application additional fee of £20, the form will be returned to the applicant. The registrant’s name may be removed from the Opticians Registers from 1 April if full payment is not received by 31 March.

4. Registrants who pay by direct debit are still required to submit their completed retention form, in order to renew their GOC registration.

5. Registrants who are removed from the registers from 1 April and wish to continue practising in the UK must complete an application for restoration form. The restoration fee is £70 in addition to the appropriate full retention fee. Registrants also need to have earned 12 general CET points to restore (and six specialist points where applicable), in the 12 months prior to their restoration application.

6. The last CET cycle ended on 31 December 2009. By this deadline, all full registrants were required to have completed 36 general points plus 18 specialist points where relevant over a three-year cycle. The requirement is calculated pro-rata for anyone joining the Registers part-way through a cycle.

7. Registrants with a shortfall must fulfil their CET requirements by 15 March 2010. Anyone failing to do so will be removed from the registers from 1 April.

8. The current three-year CET cycle runs 1 January 2010 – 31 December 2012.

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