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Ebulletin is our e-newsletter. It is sent to all GOC registrants for whom we have an up-to-date email address. If you are a GOC registrant and are not receiving eBulletin, you may wish to log into MyGOC and make sure we have your correct address. You can view archive editions below:

October 2019 - issue 44

Welcome to eBulletin
Risks in the optical professions
Interview with Philippa Mann, Head of Education
Halloween doesn't have to be a horror for your eyes
GOC student roadshows
News in brief


August 2019 - issue 43

Welcome to eBulletin
Interview with Helen Tilley
Interview with Marcus Dye
Interview with Peter Fogg (DO) and Roma Malik (OO)
CET cycle evaluation 2016-18
Education Strategic Review update
News in Brief


June 2019 - issue 42

Welcome to eBulletin
Education Strategic Review update
Interview with Dionne Spence, Director of Casework and Resolution
Reflective practice
Speaking up for improvement (article by National Guardian)
Love Your Lenses week 2019: Highlights
Business standards update
News in Brief


April 2019 - issue 41

Welcome to eBulletin
Disclosing confidential information consultation
New Standards for Optical Businesses
CET interviews
Love Your Lenses week 2019: Thank you!
Education Strategic Review update
Social media
News in Brief


February 2019 - issue 40

Welcome to eBulletin
Love Your Lenses Week 2019
Business registration
Tackling illegal practice
Risk research
Business standards consultation 
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
News in Brief


December 2018 - issue 39

Welcome to eBulletin
Education strategic review
CET to remain unchanged until 2022
Business standards update
Annual registration renewal commences in January 2019
News in Brief


October 2018 - issue 38

Welcome to eBulletin
CET cycle reminder
Education Strategic Review update
Thank you: Business standards and Fit for the Future consultations
Love Your (Spooky) Lenses
Flu Vaccinations
News in Brief


July 2018 - issue 37

Welcome to eBulletin
New business standards: have your say
Fit for the Future
Strong backing for education reform
2018 Love Your Lenses Week: Thank you!
Article by Guide Dogs
Digital Communications Update
2016-18 CET Cycle
News in Brief


March 2018 - issue 36

Welcome to eBulletin
Love your lenses
Education Strategic Review Update
Legislative reform
Article by the DVLA
Business Standard Consultation 
Big Blind Walk

December 2017 - issue 35

Welcome to eBulletin
Education Strategic Review consultation
Public perceptions survey results
Fitness to practise acceptance criteria consultation
Flu vaccinations
News in brief

September 2017 - issue 34

Welcome to eBulletin
Education Strategic Review update
Love Your Lenses Week 2018
Conflict of interest statement
Article from Esme's Umbrella
News in brief

July 2017 - issue 33

Welcome to eBulletin
Assessing a patient's fitness to drive
Responses to our Education Strategic Review
Focus on Registration
CET evaluation report
Talking cosmetic lenses at CTSI conference
News in brief

April 2017 - issue 32

Welcome to eBulletin
Love Your Lenses 
Fully qualified and student renewal
Consent guidance
Education Strategic Review
Article from SeeAbility
Article from the Information Commissioner's Office 
News in brief


March 2017 - issue 31

Welcome to eBulletin
Duty of candour guidance
Love your Lenses
Registrant survey
Fitness to Practise
News in brief

December 2016 - issue 30

Welcome to eBulletin
Registrants' survey
Education strategic review
Strategic plan
Duty of candour and consent guidance
News in brief

October 2016 - issue 29

Welcome to eBulletin
Public perceptions research
Contact lens habits
Message from the Department of Health
News in brief

June 2016 - issue 28

Welcome to eBulletin
New Standards now in effect
Record number meet CET targets
Apply to renew your student registration
Claim tax relief on your fees

February 2016 - issue 27

Welcome to eBulletin
Apply for retention by 15 March 2016
CET guidance booklet
Raising concerns with the GOC
Interactive distance learning CET

December 2015- issue 26

Welcome to eBulletin
CET deadline fast approaching
Video guide to our new Standards
David Parkins appointed to Council
Reporting FGM cases

October 2015 - issue 25

Welcome to eBulletin
A guide to our new standards
CET deadline reminder
Code of Practice consultation
VISION 2020 UK Astbury Awards
A message from the Department of Health

July 2015 - issue 24 

Standards review consultation
Public perceptions research
Student retention deadline
GOC set for move to Farringdon
GOC joins Vision 2020

March 2015 - Issue 23

Standards review consultation
Online contact lens supply
New Council members appointed

December 2014 - Issue 22

Standards review consultation feedback
CET points reminder 
2015/16 retention fees
Illegal practice strategy
Regulation in Scotland

September 2014 - Issue 21

Standards review: call for evidence
Council member vacancies
Students reminded to maintain registration
A message from The Brain Tumour Charity

May 2014 - Issue 20

Developing our illegal practice strategy
Registrants reminded to claim tax relief on fees
Macular Society services free for professionals and patients
Samantha Peters speech on Law Commissions' Bill


March 2014 - Issue 19

Last chance to apply for retention before 15 March deadline
New FTP Rules to speed up process
2014 look ahead
97 per cent of registrants hit CET target
Nockolds to run consumer complaints service


November 2013 - Issue 18

One month to go until CET deadline
Businesses set to register according to function
GOC fee to increase after three-years of real-terms reductions
Statement on fluorescein ophthalmic strips
More research and engagement ahead of student changes
DoH urges healthcare professions to get flu vaccinations


September 2013 - Issue 17

Have your say on student and business regulation
New declarations guidance for registrants
GOC to consider future priorities
Student removals continue to decline
Advice from the DVLA
News in brief


July 2013 - Issue 16

Enhanced CET: registrants make a flying start
Promoting your registration to patients
FTP guidance consultation
NHS Protect and the GOC tackle crime together
Message from South Yorkshire Police


March 2013 - Issue 15

GOC registrants set for new year
New GOC Chair
Visit the GOC at Optrafair
GOC awarded charitable status

January 2013 - Issue 14

GOC recruiting registrants to Council
Renew your registration online
Registrants still in CET shortfall
GOC freezes registration fee
News in brief

Autumn 2012 - Issue 13

CET points deadline 31 December
New IT system for enhanced CET
Investigation Committee 'makes sounds decisions'
Revamped GOC website goes mobile
Beware of bogus calls
Fewer students removed
Crisis seeks volunteers

August 2012 - Issue 12

GOC out and about to talk CET
How the GOC accredits university courses
Recruitment: education visiting panels
Consultation: declarations guidance
Final student retention deadline tomorrow
Fight for Sight's Carrots Nightwalk

June 2012 - Issue 11

CET deadline approaching
Students must renew registration by 15 July
Kam Gohil completes Everest trek
GOC welcomes Law Commissions review
GOC plans changes to boost efficiency

April 2012 - Issue 10

New CET will be available nationwide
Law Commission considers future of regulation
Mandie Lavin appointed permanent director of regulation
Health and Social Care Bill becomes law
GOC consults on new Fitness to Practise Rules
GOC removes 221 registrants over failure to apply for retention
Help create a future everyone can see

February 2012 - Issue 9

CET - over 60 per cent of registrants still have work to do
GOC retention deadline - 17 days to go
Fitness to practise in focus - dealing with dishonesty
Samantha Peters visits RNIB
Reminder to registrants

Autumn 2011 - Issue 8

GOC cuts retention fee
GOC launches improved registers search
CET in focus at National Optometric Conference
Students give thumbs up to online retention
Significant drop in student retention removals
News in brief

August 2011 - Issue 7

More students renew on time
GOC recognised as 'effective regulator'
Getting to know... Selina Ullah
Fight for Sight's Carrots Nightwalk
Message from Grampian Police

June 2011 - Issue 6

Enhanced CET - update on your feedback
Cosmetic contact lenses - a buyer's guide
Registrants back online retention in GOC survey
Getting to know... Nick Rumney
News in brief

Spring 2011 - Issue 5

Getting ready for the new CET
Online retention - completing the circle
Stepping up action against illegal sales
Getting to know... Morag Alexander
GOC backs education roadshows
National Eye Health Week spurs sector into action
New registrar starts
Raising awareness of regulation
GOC consults on fitness to practise rules
Britain's eye health in focus
Vision Care for Homeless People needs you

Autumn 2010 - Issue 4

GOC agrees proposals for revalidation
MyGOC launches ahead of online retention
More information planned for public registers
GOC launches Stakeholder Reference Groups
Satjit Singh joins as new Chief Executive and Registrar

Spring 2010 - Issue 3

Practitioners go online for 2010-11 retention
Enhanced version of CET could form part of revalidation
Your Council needs you!
Make the most of your registration
Optomery Tomorrow
Registrants survey

Autumn 2009 - Issue 2

CET deadline
Improved retention process
Access to the Registers consultation events
Student registration news
GOC Annual Report 2008-09

Spring 2009 - Issue 1

Revalidation consultation
Registration news
Vetting and barring scheme
New GOC Council
Codes of Conduct format poll



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