Online retention - completing the circle
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Online retention - completing the circle

OLR websiteDeadline for retention for fully-qualified registrants was 15 March. We talked to Laura Hytti, Registrations Operations Manager, to get her views on the project and how the process has worked.

“We started looking two years ago at the online retention (OLR) project. The first stage was the registrants’ area where individuals were able to check their retention forms were correct, and download receipts and forms. That made a difference, but from feedback we discovered that registrants were finding it hard to confirm whether we’d received their forms. Now with OLR, the circle is complete.

“All of our day to day operations are working towards retention throughout the year. Our aim is to ensure as many people as possible have renewed by the 15 March deadline, and that the percentage of people doing so increases year by year.

“For me, the difference between this year and last is quite remarkable. We’re now in a position to devote more time to dealing with more complex queries as efficiently as possible. And we’re enabling all registrants to take ownership of the registration process, with the tools they need to do so.

“This is our first year of running OLR and of course we will continue to improve the process. We’ve had a lot of positive and constructive feedback from our registrants, and we’ve learned a lot. Seeing the system in action has shown us where we need to improve. We can also learn from the small number of registrants who haven’t found it as helpful as they’d like.

“The GOC is a regulator – not a membership organisation. OLR is there to help registrants handle their retention, which is something they need to do to continue to practise. Our role is to protect the public. The registrant’s responsibility is to register with us and to maintain their registration.

“We’re here every day to help registrants with their retention and to help ensure they fulfil their regulatory requirements. There have been a number of people who weren’t computer savvy who we’ve helped through the process, and they’ve managed it. Next year it will be more familiar and therefore easier, and we’re here to help with that process.

“We’re very pleased with OLR, despite it being a lot of work. We had 95 per cent of registrants retain by the deadline – so all credit to them. These are excellent figures for the first year, and we’re also delighted that our registrants have been so welcoming of this new process.”


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