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Practitioners go online for 2010-11 retention

This year’s 2010-11 retention process saw the launch of the new and improved Registrants area of the GOC website. The Registrants area went live in early January, offering optometrists, dispensing opticians and business registrants a range of options designed to make the renewal application process simpler, easier to follow and more efficient.

Online retention 2010-11_feature

This is the first year in which practitioners have had the facility to keep track of their retention application online. Registrants are now able to:

  • Check that their retention application form has been received 
  • Check if their retention payment has been processed
  • Download a receipt and/ or confirmation of payment to pass onto their employer
  • Confirm and update personal contact details.

Since the launch, almost 6,000 registrants have logged into the Registrants area to track their application. Many practitioners took advantage of being able to download their payment receipt, with nearly 80 per cent of those who had accessed the Registrants area making the most of this new facility. The GOC are continuing to expand and improve the existing online retention features for next year.

Retention removals
On 6 April, the GOC removed 210 practitioners from the registers for failing to apply for 2010-11 retention. The total comprises: 86 optometrists and 123 dispensing opticians. In addition, 49 business registrants have been removed. When compared to last year, this number has fallen by just over one per cent. In addition, 191 registrants have been removed for failing to meet the minimum Continuing Education and Training (CET) requirements by the end of the 2007-9 cycle.