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Make the most of your registration

In response to feedback from practitioners, all fully-registered optometrists, dispensing opticians and registered optical businesses will soon be able to promote their GOC registration to patients and the public.


This spring, the GOC is launching a ‘registration toolkit’ containing practical advice and guidance on how you can make the most of your professional status.

Included in the toolkit is a GOC-registered logo that all practitioners will be able to download for free, from the Registrants area of the GOC website. The logo will be available in a variety of formats so that you can use it anywhere, for example on your practice website, appointment cards, letterheads and other promotional materials.

Registrants will also receive a booklet, ‘Making the most of your GOC registration’, offering simple but effective ways of promoting your GOC registration including:

  • Use the ‘GOC registered’ logo to promote your GOC registration. 
  • Wear a name badge which includes your GOC registration number and registered title.
  • Where possible, display your registration certificate in your practice or consulting room.
  • If you’re a mobile worker or a locum, make sure you carry your GOC registration certificate with you to identify yourself to patients.

In September, a patient information leaflet will be distributed to a range of public information services, including Citizens Advice, NHS PCTs, Patient Advice and Liason Services (PALS), and other patient information and support organisations. This will give registrants the opportunity to start using the new GOC logo however they choose, before patients start looking for it. The leaflet outlines to patients the importance of GOC registration, and what they can expect when they see the GOC registered logo. It also explains how to check the free online registers. Registrants are also encouraged to stock copies of this leaflet in their practice.