CET deadline approaching
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CET deadline approaching

Registrants now have just over six months remaining to earn the CET points they need to stay on the register after 31 December 2012.

2012 is the final year of our current CET cycle, before a new cycle starts for 2013-15 with enhancements to the scheme. The points requirements for registrants are as follows:

 Registrant  Points requirement *
 Optometrist  36 general points
 Optometrist with a prescribing specialty  36 general points and 18 specialty points
 Dispensing optician  36 general points
 Dispensing optician with a contact lens specialty  36 general points and 18 specialty points
* Requirement for those who have been on the full register since December 2009. Those who joined more recently should see the requirements on our website

So far, 50.4% of registrants have already hit their points requirement. However, 4.5% of registrants have not recorded any CET points at all, and now face a race against time if they wish to remain on the registers after December.


Linda Ford, GOC head of education and standards, said: “It’s essential that all registrants keep their skills up-to-date. CET provides the life-long learning that will help them to practice safely and effectively throughout their careers.

“The variety and availability of CET is greater than ever, and those registrants who have not yet met their points target will have plenty of opportunity over the next six months.

"I would encourage all registrants to make sure they reach their target as soon as possible, and not put their career in jeopardy by waiting until December.”

Thirty-six points is the minimum requirement, but some show a commitment to learning that goes far beyond that. One registrant tops the charts with an incredible 462 CET points, with many others having earned far above the minimum.

Ocular abnormalities is the most popular competency area for both optometrists and dispensing opticians when acquiring CET points. 65,559 have been awarded to optometrists since January 2010 and 33,289 to dispensing opticians.

For the new cycle starting in January 2013, registrants will have to complete CET in each competency area over the three-year cycle – you can read about all the forthcoming changes to enhance CET on our website.


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