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Registrants back online survey in GOC survey

Survey feedback WEBRegistrants have given the thumbs-up to our new online retention system, according to our 2011 registrants’ survey.

We’re delighted that the vast majority of optometrists and dispensing opticians – over 80% – found our new online retention system quick and easy to use, and we’re now rolling it out for students and business registrants as well.

The survey, which we sent to all registrants for whom we have an email address, sought feedback on online retention, our customer service and our communications.

GOC Head of Registration, Philip Hallam said: “The survey provided us with a lot of valuable feedback about our online retention system. We’re delighted that the vast majority of registrants found it quick and easy to use, but nonetheless we received many useful suggestions about how we might improve the system further. We’ll give all submissions careful consideration before next year’s retention period.”

Online retention is also now available for students, who have until 15 July to apply at We intend to introduce the system for business registrants next year.

You can read the full statistical breakdown of the survey results here.

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