GOC launches improved registers search
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GOC launches improved registers search

Registers WEBIt is now easier for the public to check their optician is registered following the launch of the improved registers search facility on our website.

You can now search for a local optician with a registered specialty - for example a contact lens optician, or an optometrist able to independently prescribe drugs for eye conditions. New technology also means you can find your optician even if you don't know the correct spelling of their name - using the 'sounds like' function.

Suspended registrants will now be included on the public registers, with a note explaining what this means. Previously, suspended registrants were not included on the public GOC registers.

GOC head of registration, Philip Hallam said: “We encourage the public to check their optician is registered and the new search function makes this far easier. It is important that the public understand the professional status of optometrists and dispensing opticians and use a GOC-registered practitioner.”

We introduced the changes following consultation with patients, the public and professionals. We held a discussion event in each of the four countries of the UK before publishing a formal, public consultation document last year.

Earlier this year, we launched a campaign promoting the importance of checking an optician's registration by placing copies of the leaflet 'Check your optician is registered' in 7,000 doctors' surgeries and 1,200 pharmacies.

Search the new registers now on the GOC website


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