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More information planned for public registers

More information planned for public registers


At the Council meeting on 23 September, FTP infomembers agreed that our public registers will now feature more information about registrants’ fitness to practise.

Policy changes agreed were:

• Suspended registrants will be included in the online public registers, with a note clearly indicating their suspended status.
• Struck-off former registrants will not be included on the public registers. However, in response to feedback from users, we will add clarification to relevant pages of the website to explain this.
• Fitness to practise decisions will remain accessible in the past hearings section of our website only while a sanction is in force. For hearings where no impairment is found, we will remove the decision notice and transcript after one year.
• More search options on the registers will be available.
• Including historical fitness to practise sanctions on a separate tab of registrants’ records of the public registers is a medium-term objective.

Changes to the publicly available information come after consultation with patients, the public and the profession, as well as recommendations from the CHRE.

We conducted a public survey, which is still live, held four UK-wide consultation events and invited written responses to a traditional consultation document.

The full report of the changes and the consultation process is available on the past consultations page.