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Message from Grampian Police

Grampian Police are conducting a murder enquiry. They would like to hear from any optometrists who may have had contact with Arlene Fraser, whose last known address was in Elgin, since April 1998.

Arlene Fraser was last known to be alive in the morning of Tuesday 28 April 1998.

As part of the criminal case, the Police need to show that Arlene is in fact dead. Part of the evidence will be to prove that Arlene has neither been seen, or registered/had any contact with any optometrists.

Practitioners are requested to search records/systems for any contact you/your organisation may have had with

Born 18/08/1964
Last Known Address (1998),
2 Smith Street,
IV30 6BJ

If you have any information, please contact the Operation Monza Enquiry Team on 01224 305851 and discuss the contact with an officer from the enquiry.

The Police have stressed that time-scales are extremely strict. Their request for help should be given urgent attention and treated in the utmost confidence.

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eBulletin August 2011

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Message from Grampian Police