Getting to know... Selina Ullah
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Getting to know... Selina Ullah

Selina WEBSelina Ullah is a new lay member of Council. She currently works as a consultant and community advisor.

Selina is passionate about people and communities. This has led to her involvement in settings including national and local government; think tanks; charitable foundations; NGOs, law enforcement; ethnically and religious diverse communities; and women and children.

One organisation in which Selina is involved is the Keighley Association for Women and Children, a community association for local women and children from migrant communities. It exists to offer educational and skills development, and social support and empowerment.

Selina explains: “My whole career has focused on engaging with communities and hard-to-reach groups. It has also been about public service and I’m always looking to add value to whatever I’m doing. It may sound corny, but I really do want to make a difference.”

Selina has extensive senior experience of working with stakeholders on high-profile issues such as community cohesion, diversity and counter-terrorism. So what prompted her move into eyecare? “Sight issues affect me and my family,” she explains. “But it’s something that most of us don’t think about. My family has more contact with eye health professionals than any other primary care group as we have our regular check-ups.”

“As a regulator, the GOC is a new type of organisation for me. I’m looking forward to developing new learning and skills, and using the values I’ve always had in a positive way.”

“I hope to contribute a new perspective to policy formation and regulation, and champion the voices of those people who are directly affected by our decisions - we want to hear more of them.”

Until July, Selina was Assistant Director – Safer and Stronger Communities at Bradford Metropolitan District Council. Other voluntary posts include being a founder member of the Bradford Muslim Women’s Council, and she is founding member and director of an international organisation which focuses on developing inter-cultural leaders and dialogue. Selina is also a Council member at the University of Bradford.

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Getting to know... Selina Ullah

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