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eBulletin Issue 2, Autumn 2009

GOC removes 354 students for failing to renew

In September, the GOC removed 354 student registrants for failing to renew their retention for the 2009-10 academic year. This represents a 1.3 per cent decrease when compared to last year’s figures.

Removals and roadshows feature

In total, 97 student optometrists and 257 student dispensing opticians were removed from the registers. Lists of those removed have been sent to the relevant training establishments and educational bodies.

Unregistered students of optometry or dispensing optics should not be allowed to continue with their course or pre-registration training, nor sit any exams, until they have restored to the registers. If an unregistered student carries out activities that are reserved for GOC registrants, such as testing sight or dispensing glasses to patients under the age of 16, they could face criminal prosecution.

To restore to the registers, students must fill in and return an application for student restoration form, along with the £40 restoration fee. Forms are available to download from the GOC website. Retention forms will not be accepted.

The GOC toured the UK this Autumn, with its annual ‘fresher’ roadshows for first year students of optometry or dispensing optics. A roadshow was held at every university and college offering GOC-approved courses in optometry or dispensing optics. Staff representatives delivered a presentation on the GOC’s role and the importance of registration. Students also received help and guidance on the registration process.