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eBulletin Issue 2, Autumn 2009

CET deadline: 11 weeks to go!

There are now just 11 weeks to go until the end of the current CET cycle. By the 31 December deadline, all full registrants need to have earned their minimum CET points requirement. Anyone who has not earned enough CET points by the end of the cycle may be removed from the registers, and will not be able to work in the UK.

CET feature

All fully-registered optometrists and dispensing opticians must have gained 36 general points over the three-year cycle, plus 18 specialty points where relevant. The requirement is calculated pro rata for anyone joining the registers part way through a cycle.

GOC chief executive and registrar, Dian Taylor urged practitioners who are not on track to take action now: “The end of the current cycle is fast approaching, so if you’ve still got some catching up to do, time is running out. There is still plenty of CET available: registrants need to sign up to approved CET events, or complete approved distance learning activities, now - before it’s too late.”

“This is where it starts to get serious,” Dian added. “If you fail to meet the CET requirements, you are putting your GOC registration at risk.”

The current CET cycle started in January 2006. Anyone who fails to meet the minimum CET requirement by 31 December 2009 will be deemed to be in ‘shortfall’. Registrants with a shortfall will receive formal notification from the Registrar in January 2010. They will be required to make up their points shortfall before they can apply for 2010-11 retention.