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eBulletin issue 1, Spring 2009

Revalidation: have your say!

This is your chance to air your views on proposals for revalidation. The GOC is urging optometrists and dispensing opticians respond to an open consultation on draft proposals for the scheme. 

revalidation feature

All aspects of the GOC’s proposals for revalidation are up for debate, including:

  • Should all registrants be revalidated?
  • How often should revalidation take place?
  • What evidence could be used to demonstrate professional competence?

Revalidation is a process whereby GOC registrants will have to periodically show that they have the necessary skills and competence to continue practising. The GOC is required to introduce revalidation as part of the Government’s reforms to healthcare regulation.

Commenting on the consultation, Jon Levett, GOC director of standards, said: “We want to offer all interested parties the opportunity to get involved in shaping the scheme, to make sure we come up with a revalidation process that is effective and proportionate. Feedback from the current consultation will play a key part in achieving this.”

A series of public consultation events on revalidation will also be held toward the end of this year. Anyone affected by the Council’s work is encouraged to get involved and have their say on how the scheme could operate, including optical bodies, employers, education providers, charities, fellow regulators and groups representing patients and the public.

Revalidation for registered optometrists and dispensing opticians will be introduced at the start of the 2012-15 CET cycle. The GOC plans to formally approve its policy in 2010.

Interested in attending a revalidation event later in the year?
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