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eBulletin issue 1, Spring 2009

Opticians removed for failing to renew 

At the end of this year’s retention period the GOC removed a total of 452 opticians from it registers, for failing to renew their 2008-9 registration. This total comprises 178 optometrists, 187 dispensing opticians and 87 bodies corporate.

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The Council has passed on the details of those removed to employers and NHS trusts. Removed optometrists and dispensing opticians who wish to continue working, must restore to the register before they do so. Unregistered bodies corporate may not use or associate any protected titles such as ‘ optometrist ’, ‘ dispensing optician ’, ‘registered optician’ or ‘ophthalmic optician’ with their company names.

The cost of restoring to the registers is £289 – an additional £70 on top of the basic retention fee.

To restore to the registers applicants must complete an application for restoration form, pay the restoration fee and show that they have completed the required minimum amount of CET in the past 12 months.

Students – avoid the late fee!
Student retention is also now underway. Renewal packs were sent out to all student optometrists and dispensing opticians in March. Students must complete and return their application form, along with the £20 renewal fee, by 15 July if they are to remain on the registers for the next academic year. Those who don’t get their form and payment in by the deadline face a £10 penalty, pushing the cost of renewal up to £30.

Students who fail to apply for retention by 31 August will be removed from the registers - and face jeopardising their career.