Reflective Practice
General Optical Council eBulletin 42
June 2019

Reflective Practice

Earlier this week we joined forces with eight other healthcare regulators to produce a joint statement to promote reflective practice amongst healthcare professionals. The statement reflects the increasing importance reflective practice has within healthcare as a vehicle to develop professional standards and the quality of care provided to patients.

What is reflective practice? It is the process whereby healthcare professionals consider their experiences to gain insights about how they can improve the way they work and the care they provide to patients.

We encourage all registrants to make reflective practice an important part of their Continuing Education and Training (CET). To facilitate this, we provide a range of tools, including a personal development plan and templates for reflection statements.

The personal development plan provides eye care professionals with an opportunity to reflect on their scope of practice throughout the CET cycle, set learning goals and write reflection statements following any CET training undertaken.

Reflection statements can also be a helpful device. You can complete a reflection statement on MyCET for any CET training that you undertake. To access a reflective statement template, simply login into your MyCET account to accept your pending CET points and download the template that appears. Writing the statement is a good opportunity to capture what you have learnt and how you intend to apply that learning in practice.

To become a reflective practitioner, it is important for eyecare professionals to embed reflection into their everyday practice. Any experience at work whether positive or negative can generate meaningful insights and learnings, including conversations with colleagues and team activities such as peer review and case-based discussions.

Eye care professionals can also use data from clinical audits, learnings from challenging cases and patient feedback to inform their reflection activities. How each practitioner chooses to integrate reflective practice into their professional life will differ and there is no one size fits all approach.


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