Love Your Lenses Week 2018
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September 2017

Love Your Lenses Week 2018

Love Your Lenses Week 2018 will take place on 24-30 March 2018 and is set to be even bigger and better - and it's not too early to start planning how you and your business will get involved.

The aim is to help patients understand what good contact lens care looks like. We know that the risks involved in contact lens wear are relatively low, but what risks do exist are generally related to poor habits - such as allowing contact lenses to come into contact with water.

The first ever Love Your Lenses Week took place in March 2017 and saw eye care professionals, professional bodies, employers and manufacturers across the UK joining forces to remind contact lens wearers of the importance of following aftercare advice.

This support ranged from household names such as Moorfields and large high street retailers through to dozens of independent opticians. Support was also received from manufacturers and many of the main professional and representative bodies.

Information relating to the campaign was shared over a million times on social media and resulted in coverage on the BBC website as well as in various regional newspapers.

We're hoping next year's event will be even bigger. Your business may wish to get involved by running a special offer, holding a Love Your Lenses event, spreading the word via your website and social media, or by engaging your local press in the importance of Love Your Lenses.

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Love Your Lenses Week 2018

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