A message from The Brain Tumour Charity
General Optical Council eBulletin 21
September 2014

A message from The Brain Tumour Charity

Brain tumours kill more children in the UK than any other type of cancer.

Can you help us to change that?

At The Brain Tumour Charity, we know many children who owe their lives to an optician.

Isabelle is just one example. Her mother spent months consulting doctors about her daughter’s ill-health before an optical examination revealed a build-up of pressure behind the three-year-old’s eyes.

That was enough to prompt an urgent scan which revealed a brain tumour, three days before Isabelle was due to board a holiday flight which could have sent her into a coma.

Just over one year on, she is recovering from surgery and gruelling drug treatment.

We know there are more Isabelles out there. We know you as optical professionals are equipped to spot them.

But there are countless parents and grandparents – as well as some health professionals – who don’t know the outward signs and symptoms of childhood brain tumours. That’s where you can help.

Our pocket-sized HeadSmart cards list clearly and simply the main childhood brain tumour signs and symptoms.

Since they were launched three years ago, the average time between symptoms onset and diagnosis in the UK for children with a brain tumour has fallen from over three months to 6.9 weeks.

We want to bring that figure below five weeks, in line with the best-performing countries.

If HeadSmart cards were on the counter in every opticians in the UK, we could reach millions more people each year.

That would mean lives saved, as well as children spared some of the long-term, life-altering disabilities that afflict those whose brain tumours are diagnosed late, including blindness.

Please spare a small space to make a big difference.  Simply get in touch and we’ll send you HeadSmart cards and card holders: 

e: info@headsmart.org.uk 

t: 01252 749995


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eBulletin 21 - September 2014

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