News in brief
General Optical Council eBulletin 38
October 2018

News in Brief

Student roadshows

Following last year’s success with our student roadshows, we’ve conducted them again this year as an opportunity for first year optical students to learn about GOC and what we do. GOC staff visited a total of 13 universities across England, Scotland and Wales and gave a short presentation highlighting our education standards, registration and Continuing Education and Training (CET). We’ve received positive feedback from universities and plan to continue the roadshows next year.

Shared email address update

We’d like to remind all registrants that they should be registered with GOC using an individual email address that is not shared. If you are using a shared email address or are unsure, please log into your MyGOC account and change your email address if necessary. It helps us know that when we contact you, we are indeed contacting you and not the other person also using the same email address.

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Education Strategic Review update

Thank you: Business Standards and Fit for the Future consultations

Love Your (Spooky) Lenses

CET cycle reminder

Flu vaccinations

News in brief

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