CET cycle reminder
General Optical Council eBulletin 38
October 2018

CET cycle reminder

We are now in the final couple months of the 2016-18 CET cycle and so far 60% of registrants have met all their requirements. Congratulations to all those who have met their target, but those who have not have just two months left to complete and accept their points by 31 December 2018. Failure to meet and accept all your CET requirements will result in automatic removal from our registers and the inability to practise until you have met your outstanding requirements and taken the additional steps necessary to be restored to the register.

All registrants must meet their target CET points and core competency requirements over the three year cycle, with at least half being interactive points. Optometrists and contact lens opticians must also attend at least one interactive peer review session.

Please note that only CET points you have accepted will count towards meeting your CET requirement. There is no shortfall period so any pending points you have not accepted by 31 December 2018 will not count towards this cycle or any future cycles. Please check your account to ensure there are no pending points that have not yet been accepted.

For those registrants who are resident outside the UK, please bear in mind that you do not have to carry out peer review with other GOC registrants – you can undertake peer review with peers who are not registered with the GOC, provided they are performing equivalent roles within their own countries and there are a minimum of four participants in the group.  More information can be found about peer review on our website.

We’d also like to remind registrants that the GOC office will be closed from 24 December 2018 until 2 January 2019. Please make sure you are on track to meet your requirements sooner rather than later so we are able to assist if necessary.

You can search for available CET by logging in to your MyGOC account and using the CET Directory within your CET portfolio. If you have any questions, you can contact our CET team on 020 7307 9488 or cet@optical.org.


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