Contact lens habits
General Optical Council eBulletin 29
October 2016

Contact lens habits

Earlier this year, GOC research among contact lens wearers demonstrated some poor habits from patients not best knowing how to look after their eyes.

One area of particular concern was how many patients allow water to get onto their contact lenses. Nineteen per cent of wearers do not avoid using tap water on their lenses or lens case, 37 per cent swim in their lenses without wearing goggles and as much as 47 per cent shower in contact lenses.

Over the coming months, we’ll be working with Claremont Communications and stakeholders across the sector to run a campaign aimed at boosting awareness of, and compliance with, good contact lens practice.

But the best opportunity to influence patients’ behaviour is when they’re sat in your chair.
Contact lens practitioners have the opportunity, every time they see a patient, to influence their behaviour for the better. It’s a chance to let them know to keep water away from their lenses, let them know to store them properly and of course let them know to have regular aftercare appointments.

Even with patients you have seen for many years it is worth reinforcing these messages. Our research showed that those who have worn lenses the longest were least likely to recall getting aftercare advice – but they still might have slipped into bad habits.

We’ll be providing a toolkit for registrants who want to get involved in the campaign, so watch this space – but there’s no need to wait before considering whether there’s more you can be saying to your contact lens patients.

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