DoH urges healthcare professionals to get flu vaccinations
General Optical Council eBulletin 18
November 2013

DoH urges healthcare professionals to get flu vaccinations


The Department of Health (DoH) is encouraging all healthcare professionals to get vaccinated against flu this winter to protect both themselves and the public. 

The DoH believes that getting vaccinated against flu to reduce the risk of getting infected and passing it on to patients forms part of a healthcare professional’s duty of care.

As part of its campaign the DoH is stressing that flu can be fatal to frail and vulnerable patients and that even an individual presenting no symptoms of flu can pass it on to other people.

The DoH say it is the responsibility of employers to make the vaccine available free of charge to employees if a local risk assessment indicates that they are needed.

The Secretary of State for Health has set a target of 75 per cent of health and social care staff getting vaccinated, with potential losses to winter funding for NHS trusts who do not meet this target. Last year the vaccination rate was 45.6 per cent. 


eBulletin 18 - November 2013

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