Registrant survey
General Optical Council eBulletin 31
March 2017

Registrant survey

After nearly 4,000 of you took part in our Registrant Survey, we have now published the remaining two volumes of our research that shows the state of the optical professions now. (Volume 1 was covered in our December 2016 issue).

Volume two of our survey shows that the vast majority of optometrists and dispensing opticians are keen to provide more eye care services in the community. But it also reveals a number of barriers that must be overcome before the shift to more community based health care can take place.

Currently only a third of patients and the public view opticians as healthcare providers and now new research has shown that 45 per cent of opticians have faced pressure to meet commercial targets at the expense of patient care at some point in their careers. Our survey also found that 41 per cent of practitioners had come under pressure to sell a product of service that the patient did not need. We’re keen to make sure that barriers preventing opticians from providing more eye care services are reduced, and we are planning further research to understand what lies behind our findings about commercial pressure.

The third volume of our survey focused on how you feel about us as a regulator. 65 per cent of registrants who responded told us their practice had improved as a result of participating our Continuing Education and Training (CET) scheme. You said you saw the value of completing CET activities, particularly peer review, and believe that you are better practitioners as a result.

We also wanted to better understand your experience of the annual registration renewal process. The results were very positive, with 93 per cent of respondents rating their experience of our annual renewal process as either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. GOC registration renewal is now open for 2017/18.

When considering how well we are carrying out our role, only 13 per cent of respondents felt that we were unfair when taking action through the fitness to practise process. However 40 per cent said they did not know, with 48 per cent believing us to be fair. Be sure to a look at our article in this eBulletin to get a better understanding of fitness to practise.



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