GOC registrants set for new year
General Optical Council eBulletin issue 15
Spring 2013

GOC registrants set for new year 

The vast majority of registrants have renewed their GOC registration for 2013-14, demonstrating in the process that they have kept their clinical skills and knowledge up-to-date.

All optometrists and dispensing opticians had to meet our 2010-12 Continuing Education and Training (CET) requirements before they were eligible to apply for retention.

The GOC has this week removed only 187 practitioners (less than 1 per cent) from its registers for failing to meet their target, fewer than the 191 removed after the previous cycle (in April 2010) despite the GOC register growing by around 8 per cent in that time. 19,305 individuals and 2,089 bodies corporate successfully renewed their registration.

The GOC also removed 144 registrants from its registers who failed to apply for 2013-14 retention by the 31 March late application deadline.

GOC Chief Executive and Registrar, Samantha Peters, commented on the reduced number of removals: “This year’s figures are an encouraging sign that registrants understand the importance of completing their CET and maintaining their GOC registration.

“However, while we are happy to have removed fewer registrants than at the end of the previous CET cycle, I must stress how serious removal from the register is. Those registrants who have failed to complete their retention are now unable to practise, by law, until they have restored their registration.”

Information on restoration is available on our website.


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eBulletin 15

GOC registrants set for new year

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