Talking cosmetic lenses at CTSI annual conference
General Optical Council eBulletin 33
July 2017

Talking cosmetic lenses at CTSI conference

When they are used safely, the risks with cosmetic (zero-powered) contact lenses are low, but when professionals are not involved in the process it increases the risk of eye heath issues.

By law, cosmetic contact lenses must only be sold by, or under the supervision of, a registered optician or doctor. Any sales that do not meet these requirements are illegal under the Opticians Act.

So how do we ensure that people wear cosmetic lenses safely and legally?

One of the ways we can tackle this issue is by working closely with trading standards officers. If trading standards officers see them being sold illegally, they can inform the retailer of the law or let the GOC know.

This is why we attended the Chartered Trading Standards Institute annual conference this year; to meet with the consumer protection community and to foster further opportunities for collaboration with trading standards wherever possible. 

Alistair Bridge, GOC Director of Strategy, said: “It is important that we take every opportunity to speak with trading standards officers directly about the law governing the supply of cosmetic contact lenses, to encourage them to notify the retailers of the law and tell them to stop illegal sales, and of course urge them to inform us of any breaches.

“With this approach, working together, we can help keep consumers safe from harm.”



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Talking cosmetic lenses at CTSI conference

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