Responses to our Education Strategic Review
General Optical Council eBulletin 33
July 2017

Responses to our Education Strategic Review

In December 2016 we published a call for evidence on our Education Strategic Review asking for feedback about the future of eye care delivery and the implications of the expected changes for the education of optical professionals. We received a total of 55 responses to our call for evidence between 15 December 2016 and 16 March 2017.

We have now published a summary of the responses to the call for evidence, along with all the individual responses where consent was given for publication. You can find the summary on our website here.

The responses show that there is a lot of consensus on the future direction of travel for eye care delivery. For example there was agreement that an increasingly ageing population with multiple and more complex needs will lead to increased demand for eye care, and that in the future more optical care will be provided in the community, including in domiciliary settings.  

We also learnt that stakeholders expect future graduating optometrists to have a greater understanding of wider patient health needs, be equipped to work in multi-disciplinary settings and have a good understanding of clinical governance.

The summary of responses has confirmed that stakeholders from across the sector agree that changes to education and training are needed. What is encouraging is that our stakeholders see this as a time of real opportunity for registrants. They recognise that there are barriers to change, such as NHS funding for General Ophthalmologic Services and the confidence of optical professionals to undertake new roles. Stakeholders understand that not all of these obstacles are within our control, but there was a clear message that they would appreciate our support with those that are.

We would like to thank everyone that responded to our call for evidence – your input at this stage has been crucial. We will draw on this feedback as we now progress to developing proposals for change and will continue to engage with all our stakeholders throughout this work.


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