Focus on Registration
General Optical Council eBulletin 33
July 2017

Focus on registration

The Registration team is one of the busiest areas of the GOC, continually maintaining, monitoring and updating our register of over 29,000 optometrists, dispensing opticians, students and optical businesses. Here our Head of Registration, Michelle Norman, shares her top tips for getting the most out of the register.

  1. Be sure to keep your contact information up to date, especially your email address. This means you won't miss important information and reminders. Problems can arise if you share an email address with your spouse or partner, or if you use a company email address that’s used by several people, so make sure you update MyGOC with an email address that’s personal to you. After big life events like getting married or going through a divorce, it’s also important that we know about changes to your name.
  2. Sign up to pay your annual renewal fee by direct debit. You can do this at any point during the year through MyGOC. It’s quick, easy and means that you will only have one step to complete at renewal time when you need to submit your application through MyGOC.
  3. Complete CET and log CET points evenly throughout the year and throughout the three-year cycle. Remember that at the end of a cycle, if you haven’t met the CET requirements then you can be removed from the register. By making sure that you’ve completed and recorded your CET points well in advance of the end of the cycle, you will avoid the stress of rushing to get enough points before the deadline.
  4. Remember that we no longer issue paper certificates after renewal to show that you are registered. The online register is updated daily and anyone can search for you to get accurate information about your registration status.

Every month we publish a list of amendments to the register which shows individuals and body corporates who have joined or left the register in the previous calendar month. While it’s important to note that the list is only valid as of the day it is published, it’s a useful source of information, particularly for employers. You can find it here.

This year will mark a significant milestone for the register; after the new student intake in the autumn we will have over 30,000 registrants! Hearing your views, queries and suggestions is important in helping us make sure the register is accurate and user-friendly. Please get in touch by emailing



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