Risk research
General Optical Council eBulletin 40
February 2019

Risk research

In 2022 we will be revising our CET scheme. We are keen to ensure our new CET scheme reflects current and future areas of practice that carry the most risk to patients and the public.

In the last few years the optical professions have evolved. Technology is affecting the ways in which diseases of the eye are diagnosed and monitored and an ageing population is placing increased pressure on eye care services. In the future optical professionals may be expected to do more clinical and multi-disciplinary work.

Earlier this month all registrants were sent emails inviting them to take part in a risk survey which is being conducted by Eventure Research on behalf of the GOC. The aim of the research is to help identify all the current risks to patients and the public from the work carried out by optical professionals in daily clinical practice. If you have not received the email from Eventure Research please call the survey helpline on 0800 0092 117 or email helpline@enventure.co.uk .

We encourage you to take part and share your opinions.


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