Love your lenses week 2019
General Optical Council eBulletin 40
February 2019

Love Your Lenses Week 2019

This year Love Your Lenses Week (23-30 March) is focusing on helping you ‘land the message’ with your patients when delivering contact lens advice. To do this, we’ve created a set of tools, or ‘interventions’, you can use that can help patients to think about contact lens care differently.

The interventions were created as part of a pilot project called Land The Message, which explored how contact lens practitioners could use behavioural science to increase the effectiveness of aftercare advice. This was in response to research that told us only 48 per cent of patients remember receiving any aftercare advice from their practitioner – we wanted to understand ‘why’ and more importantly, ‘how’ we can help to improve patient recall and therefore reduce the risk of harm.

With the help of industry experts, academics, behaviour change experts and patient campaigners, we developed the following tools: a visual aid, a pre-appointment questionnaire and lifestyle-based questions.

The visual aid is an A4 poster which highlights the key steps in contact lens care, and can be used by you during a conversation with your patient to prompt and illustrate aftercare advice. The pre-appointment questionnaire is a simple questionnaire patients can fill out before their appointment, which you can then use to get patients to engage more meaningfully with the advice. Lastly, asking lifestyle-based questions at the beginning of the appointment, such as ‘Why do you like wearing contact lenses?’ can make it easier for you to deliver aftercare advice to patients in a personal and relevant way.

The tools were trialled by four eye care practitioners and had a positive impact, with 95 percent of patients saying they recalled the advice they received when one of the tools was used. Practitioners said they found the tools easy to adopt in practice and could also lead to a better customer experience.

Love Your Lenses Week will run from 23-30 March. To find out more information and download the tools, visit


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