Raising concerns with the GOC
General Optical Council eBulletin 27
February 2016

Raising concerns with the GOC

We have now published new guidance for you and others in the optical sector on raising concerns with us about risks to patient safety, including where to go for advice and what protection is offered.

You can view the guidance on our website.

The guidance outlines the steps you should take if you believe that patient safety or care is being compromised by a colleagues or the organisation in which you work or study.

Examples of what you may raise concerns about include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Concerns about a colleague whose fitness to practise may be impaired
  • Insufficient record keeping or sight test processes
  • Fraud or false advertising
  • Concerns that patient safety risks are being covered up and not addressed.

Concerns should not be raised around personal grievances, disciplinary matters, contractual disputes or around any concerns regarding consumer issues, such as refunds or customer service.

Further examples of the type of incidents you should report can be found in the guidance.

The first step when you have a concern should be to raise the concern at a local level, such as with your employer or training provider. However, in cases where you feel this is not possible or you feel the issue has not been resolved sufficiently, it may be appropriate to report it to us to investigate.

The guidance supports our new Standards of Practice, which include a duty to to report any concerns which may compromise patient safety.

To read the guidance in full, please visit our website.





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