Interactive distance learning CET
General Optical Council eBulletin 27
February 2016

Interactive distance learning CET

We expect to be able to approve interactive distance learning for CET points again by the end of March.

We have paused approvals of interactive distance learning while we consider what is an acceptable format to ensure that distance learning is truly interactive. Other non-interactive distance learning (and all other types of CET) continue to be approved and is available to registrants.

Following a meeting with the CET providers who offer interactive distance learning we are now finalising the assessment criteria against which these activities will be approved.

GOC Acting Head of Education and Standards Marcus Dye said, “It is important that interactive CET ensures registrants engage with one another in an interactive way. The changes to what qualifies as interactive distance learning will do just that while ensuring that registrants can continue to use this method to learn flexibly, making the best use of digital technology.”

Interactive distance learning only accounts for 7 per cent of all CET activities and registrants are able to undertake interactive CET in a wide range of other formats to meet their CET requirements.

We will be accepting applications for interactive distance learning again by the end of March.




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