CET guidance booklet
General Optical Council eBulletin 27
February 2016

CET guidance booklet


All fully-qualified registrants will have recently received a copy of our 2016-18 Continuing Education and Training (CET) guidance booklet via email.

The booklet is designed to assist you with all aspects of CET, including changes for this cycle such as the addition of a new ‘Standards of Practice’ competency for optometrists and dispensing opticians.

You can access the guide here.

In the 2013-15, 98 per cent of registrants completed their CET requirements ahead of the deadline. It is pleasing to see that registrants are engaging so positively with CET, in particular the changes to encourage more interactive CET.

When you log onto the CET system for the first time this cycle, you will also be required to confirm that you have read and understand our new Standards of Practice. The Standards come in to effect from 1 April 2016, and you are required to complete one piece of CET relating to the Standards during the cycle.

Marcus Dye, GOC Acting Head of Education and Standards said: “I strongly encourage you to read the guidance booklet and familiarise yourself with what is required of you so that you can get the most out of CET.

“Upon logging in to the CET system for the first time this cycle, you will be asked to complete a Personal Development Plan (PDP). This allows you to plan your professional development and supports you in considering how CET can be applied in practice. I particularly encourage you to make best use of this throughout the cycle.”

Most CET points requirements have remained the same and will be familiar to you. You are required to obtain 36 points over the three year cycle, with half your points gained through interactive CET. Registrants must meet all core competencies for their professional groups. A minimum of one peer review session is mandatory for optometrists and contact lens opticians.





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