Samantha Peters visits RNIB
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Samantha Peters visits RNIB

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We have a strong commitment to working with patient and public interest bodies.

With that in mind, chief executive and registrar Samantha Peters recently visited The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) to learn more about the Action for Blind People Low Vision service.

The service provides a specialist rehabilitation service for people who live in Camden or Islington, Havering, Barking and Dagenham, and Kensington and Chelsea, that have been diagnosed as having low vision.

‘Visiting the centre helps you see how beneficial it can be for people to access low vision services close to home, and in their own home’ said Samantha.

There are three stages to the low vision assessment. Firstly, there is an assessment with a rehabilitation officer to find out what the problems are and discuss goals. Then there is an assessment with an optometrist to find the solutions. They establish which devices or equipment will be of most help.

Lastly, people get training in the use of the equipment, with a chance to try the aids out in a real life situation and learn how to maintain the equipment. This can take place at the service user's home.

You can read more about the centre here

Whilst at the RNIB, Samantha also met Anita Lightstone, Programme Director of UK Vision Strategy, to find out more about its aspirations. The strategy has three aims:

  • Improving the eye health of the people of the UK
  • Eliminating avoidable sight loss and delivering excellent support for people with sight loss
  • Inclusion, participation and independence for people with sight loss

“Achieving these would clearly make a huge difference to the people blind and partially sighted people in this country and worldwide”, said Samantha

Anita Lightstone said, “The UK Vision Strategy seeks to improve the UK’s eye health, eye care and sight loss services to ensure that no matter where you live there is access to excellent provision. We can only achieve this by working together with partners across the sector, including the General Optical Council, to make this vision a reality.

“One way we work to achieve this is by holding a conference each year called Vision UK 2012 to bring stakeholders together which takes place on Tuesday 12th June this year”.

To book a ticket for the Vision 2012 UK conference go to: 


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Samantha Peters visits RNIB

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