CET: over 60% of registrants still have work to do
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CET: over 60 per cent of registrants still have work to do

CET webThis is the final year of the current CET cycle, which means that all fully-qualified registrants must reach their points target by 31 December 2012.

All registrants failing to complete their CET on time risk removal from the opticians registers.

According to the latest GOC statistics, so far 6911 registrants - 36.5 per cent - have reached their minimum general points target. Of that total, 76 per cent are optometrists and 24 per cent are dispensing opticians. Almost nine per cent of registrants have yet to gain any general points.

By 31 December, all optometrists and dispensing opticians must have gained 36 general points over the three-year cycle, plus 18 specialty points where relevant. The requirement is calculated pro rata for anyone joining the registers part way through a cycle.

Linda Ford, GOC Head of Education and Standards commented: “CET is vital for registrants to ensure they keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date with the standards they need to treat their patients safely. It’s a legal requirement, and all optometrists and dispensing opticians must ensure they meet the 31 December points deadline.

On the recent progress made by registrants, Linda said: “It’s great news that over a quarter of practitioners have already met the minimum target, but we are urging those who still have some way to go to take action now, so they don’t get left behind as December 2012 approaches.”

Anyone who fails to meet the minimum CET requirement by the deadline will not be able to renew their registration for 2013-14, and may be removed from the registers.

All change from 2013

On 1 January 2013, a new three-year CET cycle will begin, with some notable changes for registrants.

• Registrants will still be required to gain a total of 36 points over three years but will also need to demonstrate they have done CET throughout all three years of the cycle, and gained a minimum of six points per year.
• There will no longer be an automatic shortfall period.
• There will be a restriction on the maximum number of points per cycle that can be gained via text-based distance learning (eg journals). This restriction will not apply to interactive distance learning (eg lectures or discussion groups delivered via online or video conferencing).
• CET points must be gained in each of the GOC’s core competency units
• Optometrists and contact lens opticians will also need to participate in at least 1 peer discussion group.

Linda Ford said, “Our enhanced CET scheme will require registrants to have more contact with their peers and make sure they keep learning across all competency areas that are relevant to their profession. The changes will be a proportionate way to ensure our registrants remain up-to-date and fit to practise.”

You can read about our enhanced CET proposals on our website.

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