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General Optical Council eBulletin 35
December 2017

Welcome to eBulletin

Welcome to the December edition of the eBulletin. The festive season may now be in full swing and the year coming to an end but a lot has been happening at the GOC. In this issue we have a lot to update you on including the results of our public perception survey and our consultations on new fitness to practice acceptance criteria and on the future of optical education.

We have just launched our consultation on the concepts and principles that could underpin a system of optical education and training, as part of our Education Strategic Review. The consultation will consider 11 concepts and principles and consider a number of ways to help prepare students to be safe and confident in their practice in a changing optical sector. The consultation will be open until 16 March 2018. 

This month we launched our consultation looking at introducing formal fitness to practise acceptance criteria. The proposals aim to help us improve the transparency and consistency of our process for handling complaints about a registrant’s fitness to practise. Our consultation closes on 9 March 2018. We really encourage you respond to both consultations and your responses will help us to ensure that the policy changes that follow are well thought through and tested.

In this issue we also pass on advice from the Department of Health regarding winter flu vaccinations. With the cold season fully gripping us now we are encouraging registrants working in a public facing role to consider getting vaccinated. Vaccination can protect you from contracting illness but can also help to ensure flu isn’t passed on to vulnerable members of the community. 

I do hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year and I look forward to your input and engagement in 2018.

With best wishes, 

Vicky McDermott 

Chief Executive and Registrar 



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Welcome to eBulletin

Education Strategic Review consultation

Public perception survey results

Fitness to practise acceptance criteria consultation

Flu vaccinations

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