Fitness to practise acceptance criteria
General Optical Council eBulletin 35
December 2017

Fitness to practise acceptance criteria consultation

We are currently consulting on introducing formal fitness to practise acceptance criteria. The criteria would help us to identify whether to accept a complaint as an allegation of a registrant’s impaired fitness to practise.

Complaints that do not meet the criteria would be closed or referred to another organisation for them to consider. For example, minor clinical or consumer complaints that don’t call into question a practitioner’s fitness to practise could be dealt with by other means. The changes aim to give us a robust and transparent process for closing non-fitness to practice complaints quicker.

We welcome all responses to our consultations and we will consider next steps in light of the responses we receive. This consultation closes on 9 March 2018.

You can find our consultation on acceptance criteria– and full details of how to get involved – on our website here.





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