Strategic plan
General Optical Council eBulletin 30
December 2016

Strategic plan

We have now published our draft Strategic Plan for the period 2017-20, which will shape our strategic direction for the next three years.

We are consulting with our stakeholders on our draft plan between now and 23 January. Our three draft priorities are:

  • The learning and development of optical professionals; to deliver and implement a strategic review of optical education and training to ensure that optical professionals are fit to practise in line with our standards throughout their careers
  • A targeted approach to regulation; to build our evidence base and use the full range of our regulatory levers in a proportionate way to address risks to the public
  • Organisational transformation; to deliver high quality, efficient services to the public and registrants underpinned by a culture of evaluation and continuous improvement

We encourage you to respond to the consultation and will finalise the Strategic Plan in light of the responses we receive.

We’re asking a number of questions that we would like you to answer, including seeking your views on the outcomes we hope to achieve and your opinions on our proposed strategic objectives.

Responses to these questions will then help us to develop the final version of our Strategic Plan, which Council is due to approve in February 2017.

To find out more and respond please visit our website.

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