Registrant survey
General Optical Council eBulletin 30
December 2016

Registrants' survey

Earlier this year we commissioned a survey to get a better understanding of your views and experiences. Over 4,000 of you responded, helping us to build a clear picture of how you feel about the future of the optical professions and what life is really like for you in practice. We have now published the first volume of our report, looking at how optics might change over the next few years.

Weighting the data to represent our registrant population, we found that 87% of you support plans to provide enhanced optical services in the community. With the vast majority of you keen to get involved in delivering more healthcare services, there’s real potential to benefit patients and alleviate pressures on the NHS.

However, the results did show that there are barriers to overcome to make provision of enhanced services possible, including access to training, interest from some employers and making the work cost-effective.

Looking at development of the professions more widely, 87% of you said you expect to see your role change in the next five years, with most of you anticipating that this will be due to advances in technology. But with 62% of respondents telling us that they were optimistic about the future, it seems that most people feel positive about the changes.

The next two volumes of the report will look at challenges in the workplace, and our role and regulatory performance.

We are very grateful to those of you who responded to our survey – your input was crucial and will help us to continue to support you in protecting your patients and the public.

The full report is available on our website.

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