Education strategic review
General Optical Council eBulletin 30
December 2016

Education strategic review

The need to ensure that optical professionals are equipped to meet the changing needs of patients and the challenges of a changing sector is something that our registrants often re-iterate. The dynamic nature of the sector provides the backdrop for our Education Strategic Review, which we will be kicking off this week with the aim of ensuring that optical professionals are ready to face the challenges of the coming decades.

Our initial focus will be on higher education. We will be looking at how students can gain the skills, knowledge and behaviours necessary to become well-rounded healthcare professionals prepared for the future.

This will include revising the standards of competence that underpin education programmes. Because these standards also underpin the system of continuing education and training that applies to fully-qualified optometrists and dispensing opticians, all registrants have an interest in the outcome of the Review.

You may be an education provider yourself, a registrant who regularly supervises students, or a business registrant interested in the education of your future workforce; in each case, you have a unique perspective on optical education and we would really like you to offer your opinions about how education in the sector should develop in the future.

Please visit our website and get involved.

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