Duty of candour
General Optical Council eBulletin 30
December 2016

Duty of candour and consent guidance

Duty of candour and consent guidance

During our consultation on our new standards last year, a number of registrants suggested that we should develop additional guidance relating to the professional duty of candour, and gaining valid consent.

All healthcare professionals have a professional duty of candour. This is a professional responsibility to be open, honest and transparent with patients when things go wrong. It is also important for registrants to obtain valid consent before examining a patient or providing treatment.

Council agreed on the publication of the consultations on candour and consent at their meeting earlier this year. The consultations then ran for three months.

In addition to the public consultation we commissioned a research agency, Collaborate Research, to undertake four focus groups in London and Edinburgh. Two of these were with GOC registrants and two with patients and members of the public.

The aim of the consultation was to ensure that the two guidance documents were clear and accessible. It was also crucial that they were suitable for the optical context and would have a positive impact on practice.

Following our consultation process, we are due to publish guidance on candour in January. We will publish guidance on consent after giving further consideration to the feedback we received.

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