New IT system for enhanced CET
General Optical Council GOC eBulletin
Autumn 2012

 New system for enhanced CET from 2013

From January, GOC registrants will be able to log their CET points and complete their online retention forms in one place. The MyGOC area of the GOC’s website is expanding so that registrants can do both using one single login.

Registrants will be able to access the user-friendly dashboard to view their CET portfolio. They will also be able to view their progress in achieving each target - for total points, interactive CET points, competencies, peer review and specialist requirements (where applicable).

As well as the online improvements for CET, there will be increased search functionality. This means it will be possible to search for CET through its type, topic, competencies covered and geographical region. Registrants will also be able to search through a user defined search radius, register a peer review event request or request CET approval for attending overseas events.

Linda Ford, GOC head of education and standards, told eBulletin about the benefits, “The new system will be an invaluable tool for registrants. It’s user friendly and will make life easier by having everything in one place and helping registrants to plan their CET.”

The new CET system will also be compatible with mobiles and tablets. This means registrants will be able to check their status and accept pending CET points on the go, making it easier to stick to deadlines.


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