GOC Investigation Committee 'makes sound decisions'
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Autumn 2012

 Investigation Committee 'makes sound decisions'

Our Investigation Committee has been assessed as ‘making sound decisions’ by the body which scrutinises and oversees our work.

The Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence (CHRE) audit found that the public can be reassured that: “The GOC assesses any risks to patients at an early stage in the investigation process and that complaints are generally progressed…in a timely manner.”

CHRE also found “A number of examples of good practice” when looking at 42 cases between December 2011 and May 2012 which we closed in the investigation phase.

GOC chief executive and registrar Samantha Peters said, “This report should provide assurance to both the public and registrants that we deal with complaints about registrants in a fair, effective and proportionate way.”

The report also stated that CHRE, “had no concerns about any of the [GOC’s] decisions made to close cases at the initial stages of the fitness to practise process.”

It added, “Our findings in this year’s audit are generally consistent with those in our last audit confirming that the GOC’s investigation committee makes sound decisions.”

The report is available on the CHRE website


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