CET deadline 31 December
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Autumn 2012

CET points deadline 31 December

All GOC registrants who want to remain on our registers next year need to be able to provide evidence of having met the required number of CET points by 31 December.

CET opportunities are likely to be scarce in December. This is why registrants are strongly advised to aim to gain CET points as soon as possible.

Providers will be asked to upload all CET points prior to 21 December 2012 in order for them to count towards this cycle. They have also been advised to leave themselves enough time to record points and resolve any queries before the final, 31 December, deadline.

Linda Ford, Head of Education and Standards at the GOC, stresses the importance of meeting the deadline and confirming all CET points by saying, “These next few weeks are vital. If you fail to meet and confirm the minimum requirement, you will not be eligible to renew your GOC registration from 1 April 2013.”

It is usually expected that, by now, practitioners should have gained the minimum number of CET points required. However, anybody still struggling to earn and confirm enough CET points to allow them to continue registration can see details of all CET events on offer by going to www.cetoptics.com.


From 2013 we'll have a new CET IT system. Read about it in our next article.

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